X-Men: The Last Stand


I feel my blog needs more than me just me whining about my sweat and my sore body, even though it’s not very sore this morning. I would like to start maybe writing reviews about movies I see, ones that are in the theater and ones that are out in store.

This early morning I watch “X-Men-The Last Stand” or which might be easier to know by the third “X-Men” film that is out. The main plot of this film is that a pharmaceutical company called Worthington Labs has found a cure that will suppress the X gene in mutants that give them their powers. Some mutants love it but for those who do not like this are outraged. One of these mutants is Magneto. He forms a mutant army to stop the scientists that are making this cure.

On their pursuit top stop and kill anyone that is trying to get this cure out the X-Men show up to stop all this fighting. Well out numbered the X-Men being only six against a lot more, haha, is; Wolverine, Storm, Beat, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, and Colossus.  They try to stop Magneto’s army.

This is a mutant on mutant action movie, if you like that. A lot of the main characters die in this film, I will not say who. For those who follow the comics or the show, it doesn’t follow it that well. Yet again, what comic book based movie does, they just try to jam so much stuff in them. I’m not saying this was a bad movie because it’s based off a comic book. I really enjoyed it.

They definitely set this movie up for another movie, which I know there’s another one coming out soon. Watch the movie in its entirety, even the credits, there is a little scene after the credits which I’m sure many of you who watch the film are going to have a deep breath of relief. I have not seen much, but what I have read it going to be about the younger X-Men. I would like to see how they tie this in with the other films.

Now this is how I will rate movies; don’t bother seeing, rent, or buy. This all based off of my movie taste, so don’t take my word on it.

I say this would be a rent, but if you love the series buy it I guess. I usually watch all my film off the internet so I find it not worth buying. I just didn’t have a life changing experience to go out and buy it or a gift card at a store which I could use.

One question if you were a mutant what power would you have, or like to have? I would say I would love time control, speed time, slow time, and walk through time itself. I think that would be SWEEEET!





dAY 6

Day 6, back to the weights today with also the hour cardio there too. The gym was very quiet, maybe too quiet, hmmm. It’s the weekend now so the campus is usually dead, because people go home or as I know some of my friends here are doing, partying. On the TV today at the gym to night was the show “Psych.” It’s about a psychic detective, I believe on USA channel. I could be wrong is so someone will me. I say it up there with one of those none Discovery Channel shows I watch. At home in NH, I only watch Discovery, History, and sometimes the Food Network channels.

There is this one girl with red hair I always see at the gym, she only does cardio. She has been there every time I been there, and I also see her around campus all the time. I think she was in my English class first semester freshman year. I need to ask what her name is, so she doesn’t think I’m weird when I just stare at her. I just keep thinking in my head, “man, I know her…… who is she? I see her all the time.” Next time I see her I’ll ask, which will probably be tomorrow.

Today was the first day of Lab Band, and I am play french horn.  We sounded awful, I do not remember us sounding that bad last semester. Missing the flute, and the flute section from last semester. One think I miss is being the part of the bra of the section. Pat knows what I’m talking about, and the girls in the section know too. Long story short, Pat Smith and I were the support of the flute section last semester, aka the bra.

Sad thing happened today when I got back from the gym. I knocked the 6inch curly fry off my desk and it shattered. L Hope the dinning hall has curly fries again soon, and that have another big one so I can take again. 

Day 6- success, and to tell all though who want to know I’m wearing brown plaid flannel pj pants.

DAy 5

Day 5 of Mission- Macho Man, another different day. Today I just did an hour of cardio and that was it. That hour was long hour, but not very bad. I caught up on my new by watching “The Daily Show”, the news for champions. This morning I was very sore, that’s why I did not do weights today, but because the muscles can show the fat has to go away. I know some of you may say “Ryan you’re not fat.” I may not be fat fat, but I have fat that is hiding a perfectly toned body. You know like those toned bodies you see in magizines, not the overly muscled men, but a nice ummm shaped body. Yeah that body is under this cloak of fat. HAHA!

There was not much to say about the gym today but I think the person at the desk is starting to remember me. J

No delay this morning, but that’s okay I got my homework done, woot. My philosophy and literature class was or is getting more fun. All we do is read and then discuss mostly. The professor doesn’t really answer any of our question just gives us a question in return. We have to figure out the meaning of the readings and what is the conversations going on with the characters. We are reading five dialogs of Plato. I would recommend it, very interesting. To put it out I do not read very often, and this is very good. I feel I would love to minor in philosophy, but the money thing is an issue. IF ANY OF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PUT MONEY IN THE RYAN SHUMWAY TAKES PHILOSOPHY AS A MINOR FOND,  better known at as RS-TPM Fond, send the money to me. I take cash, checks, and credit cards. Thank you.

Day 5, done and sweaty. Time for the shower.

daY 4-LATE

Day 4, sorry it took longer than usual, I was up late during the night working on some homework. Mission- Macho Man day 4 was a little more different than the other days. But I will get to that later. I did the usually 30mins of cardio on the elliptical. CSI was on TV, not a big fan of that show, just can’t get into it. Then the 30mins of weights, which my upper arms and shoulders did not like me this morning. Very sore!!! It’s funny seeing floormates from last year at the gym, because you’re like “ummmm, yeah I work out even though I’m not working out type as you know.” Also we would exchange a few faces back and forth. Okay that was not the weird/ worst part. When I went back to do my next 30mins of cardio there were no more ellipticals, so I used the treadmill. I don’t like the treadmill for many reason, one being no TV. Also, my MAN BOOBS bounce all around…… not the greatest feeling. I don’t know how you ladies can deal with it. Maybe I need a sports bra? Also I see my reflection in the window, and my hair does this weird bouncy thing, which is kind of cool. Makes me think of a slow motion Baywatch scene hairdo thing.

We had a delay which was nice, no 830am class. The bad thing was I got up early meaning 820am, and I thought I was going to be late for class so I rushed and put my close on. Mao, my roommate, so this and was like, “Ryan we don’t have class till noon.” Man after getting all worked up for class it’s hard to fall asleep again!

I was glad we had Big Band the other day, it’s fun and all that jazz. Hmmm SuperBowl this weekend, I should call Matt and see if we are having lesson still.





dAy 3

Day 3 and still riding strong, but sore. Today I upped my cardio to an hour as I said in my last blog. Good thing there was something good on TV. I missed the end of “Scrubs.” L But after it was the show “What would you do?” It is a hidden TV show that they have actors go into a situation and they do or act a way that’s not ride, and see how people react. Also, if the people act upon these inappropriate people. Good show I say people should watch it, and learn from it.

It would be sweet if I became a regular at the gym, and people started talking to me. That would make my day, especially if it was a nice lady……. If you know what I mean. Nice people are cool.

Woke up to snow this morning, and we still had class, which was cool I guess. Wind Symphony we got to read new charts. SWEEEEET!!!!! O yes, in Music History this morning I saw, don’t mess with jazzers by saying jazz music is unorganized. People think before you speak, uggggg. Especially if it’s not your area of music style.

Hope we have a delay tomorrow or something, but I really want to go to Big Band tomorrow too.

DAY 3 Success! Sorry for the shorter blog today.


DAY 2 of Mission- Macho Man a success! Yes, I went to the gym….. no help was need to get me moving. Wasn’t too bad, I am a little sore from last DAY 1. I did my cardio for 30mins and weights for 30mins. I feel I should up the cardio maybe an hour a day, but not all at once. 30mins of cardio 30mins of weights then 30mins of cardio again. That might work for me, haha. Hope I don’t die from that extra sweat. Everyone be ready for a funereal soon maybe.

I forgot last night to write, it is fun seeing people who don’t go to the gym often. And they do not know how to use the equipment. If I could only see myself, I would laugh probably. TVs in the gym are great ideas, you lose the track of time when you are watching family guy on the TV. Today’s episode was when Luis found out she had a brother, but he was insane. He’s was fat person killer, and Peter just made a fat person club. Was pretty funny. The gym is a good time to catch up on TV time, because I don’t have a TV, and TV is good for the body. Or so I would think so, it makes me happy so therefore it must be good. If you have a problem with that, ehhh, not my problems that’s why I said “if you have a problem.” Meaning your problem not mine.

Okay, enough  sweat talk, today was my first lesson with Harry Watters of the semester. He is my jazz PMI teacher. He is a great guy, if only I could play like him. I wouldn’t need school, and I would need muscles to show off to the ladies, I would say look how macho I am I can play a note soo high and fast you can hear it or see my hand move. BOOOO YEAH!!!!! It’s great studying under him, get so many good ideas and I learn so much just by watching and listening him, he doesn’t need to say a word and I learn something. Piano I’m coming for you again, got a new chart I need to learn my chord progression on you again. You better not be mean to me and get me angry, you won’t like me when I’m angry

On an angry note, Day 2 done.

Day 1

Yes today, some may have heard I have vowed to begin this thing people know as “working out.” This sounds not good at all, but a few days ago someone told me. “Ryan, you have a stomach.” Something on that lines of things, meaning I’m getting a little fat, and this person I will leave unsaid………….Charlie. Also saying I want to look like Kevin Hewes is not good enough for some people.

Today was the first day of I would like to call “MISSION- Macho Man” or the triple M threat. Tri-M is already taken for the music honor society. If you have something better to call it please leave a comment, send me a message on facebook, IM , call, or just tell me face to face…… if you dare face a future macho man. HAHA like that will happen. I just want to have a healthier more toned body really. You know you need to work out or do some type of physical activity when you are tired after walking three flights of stairs.

Next for those who will be looking at this blog, I need you to keep me in line. I will try to blog about my progress every of every other day if I remember. If you do not see a blog that might mean I forgot to blog or didn’t work out. This is when you readers step in and tell me to get off my butt and go to the gym. I’m going to need as much help as possible.

Enough of talking about me being sweaty and tired and sore, this past weekend the Honor band was at mason. They did a very good job performing, but the charts the played could have varied a little more. Not the student’s faults.
Also this weekend I say the Navy Band and the Navy Jazz Big Band. Both where very enjoyable. From the big band concert I have decided I need to get pixie mute for my horn.

Day 1 down for the triple M threat!!!!