End of the week and part of this weekend

The past 4-5 days have been wicked fun, with stuff for school and a confrence I went to for a few days. First off I’ll talk about someonthing I have to do for my music administration and management. We have to have mentor in the area to help up with the stuff that goes along wiht administration stuff, or we do there paper work, which is what I do for my mentor, who teaches in the middle school. It’s a lot of fun though, copying music, filling out order forms, calling up companies for order information, documenting donations, sorting music in the library, ect. It’s alot of work sometimes, but the other day last week it was an especially fun day. I finished my work that he had me doing, so I was talking to my mentor about stuff while he kid had to read for 20minutes. While we were talking a young girl came up to me and said “Mr. Shumway, are you going to be our new teacher?” I thought it was very very cute, and it made me smile. It made my day really

The day after that I was a Jazz Workshop Band concert, I love this group because the director of it is wicked nice and very knowledgable: Rick Parrell who is on the far left side of this picture. He said a hallarious word yesterday during the concert to the audiance. He was talking about music and how good stuff sounds but he said something about bad music, I think, and he used the word “POOPY” which made me laugh out loud. It was really hard to start the tune withouth laughing. Also I had  solo in the concert. Dang i missed the frickin’ high F. DANG DANG DANG!!!!! Next time I guess. FUN group of people, it’s a reading group so he get to read a lot of chart, which is very nice.

After the concert a few of us hopped into a far and started to drive to the Homestead, a 5 star resort, for a muisc educators confrence that was happening for a few days. I didn’t stay there I was invited to stay at a students parents house, which I must say had a BEAUTIFUL view of the moutains in his backyard. Also his mom made yummy breakfast for us, nothing can beata homecooked meal. So at this confrence, went to some clinics, and sat in some discussions, but the best part wa sat night when everything was done for the day. A bunch fo us went to the sports bar at this place. Music was playing and music educators everywhere at this bar. A few ladies were dance with them selfs and Pat Smith a good buddy of mine was asking me to go dance with them with him. So we went out on the floor and started to dance with these ladies then came the herd of everyone. That it when we all started dancing for a few hours. The most fun I have had in a long time, I got to dance like a fool/white guy and not even care. I did get to play some billiards, and just relax and talk with others. There was one person who I am a little unhappy with because of a bad dissition they made about cigars. I have been told to keep and I on on this person by a professor of mine. I am but I will not tell them what to do and not do. I’m back now wish I was there tonight, I would do the same thing again. O0000 one more think I was walking around the exibits and I got to hold a trombone which I have been looking into, and I have played one and LOVED IT! I did not want to put it down. Has anyone every had something and felt like it was ment for you? Yeah this horn just felt soo good in my hands, I did not want to give it back. If you want to see a video of me dancing send me a message I’ll show you.

 This is the trombone, isn’t it pretty?


Blog for the past few days

Okay the past few days, hmmmmm, been interesting I think. I’ll start with Friday. Had class but at night it was concert time. Jazz for Justice concert. Played alright, can always play better. We raise money for those who can’t pay for a lawers. Yes Geoffrey Gallante was there. For those who don’t know who he is, he is apperantly a 9 year old trumpet protege. Haha. He has played with us in the big band for a long time for Jazz for Justice and he is one but jerk. When he grows up he will get beat up for sure.NBA-CELTICS-NUGGETS

That’s him. Uggggg

Saterday, Didn’t do much I don’t think. Went got pizza at Tony’s; MMMMMMmmmmm! Then and got pizza at wal-mart just next door in the 5$ buck. I got Jurassic Park, Big Daddy, and In the Line of Fire “that one is a Clint Eastwood movie.” Yeah Jurassic Park, just need to get the other two now.

Later that night I went to the GMU Dance Company Concert, and if none fo you have been to one, go it is great great great. I love the School of Dance here on campus. They are wicked good in concert. O man. Good music and great dancing from the ladies and gentleman of the school.Dance

Just picture this picture because that my friend Erika in that picture in the blue. Dance is so intesting to me for many reason. One thing if you ever tried to dance modern dance stuff it is diffucult, alot of body flexibility and balance. You also have to have good rhythm. Two of those three things I don’t have haha, you can guess if you like. 

Also when I watch and listen to dance concerts it make my mind go wild really. Some people when they listen to music they see picture or colors, but I see a line and it moves to the music. Before every going to a dance concert I could only visually see one line, but after I saw one that single line because many inner twining lines, making the lines in my minds eye very complex. I’m sure if you every around with me when there music going on you may see my head moving all over the place, and sometimes my face having different expressions on it. The lines in my head at work there. I don’t know if there isa special name for this but if you know please tell me. I know alot of the music majors especially the people in my sight-singing/ear-training class make fun of my funny head movement.

I was sitting in the Johnson Center and somone pointed out someones short skirt. I have my own feelings about girls and dresses and skirts and I feel longer skirts/dresses look better. What do other thinks, even a girls opinion would be nice.pink+uggs+with+miniskirt0,0,471,51390,396,585,b423aabd



Short on the left and

                                      Long on the right,  I believe the long skirt/dresses looks nice  and even long is nice too. I feel anything knees and lower can look really pretty.

Okay now today, I didn’t do a whole lot other than rehearsal and I read a little in my book which I was happy about. But one thing in particular caught ym attenchen. When I got back to my car to head home I found this paper on my car.scan0004

Who could this be, well some words may give it away. Two words in particular really “Brown Bear” but I could be wrong. One one person here calls me brown bear and someone else that made me think it could be this person was on the back is had the http for a piccolo excerpts site, and this person does play pic. But this person must have some help, because I believe this person wouldn’t do on the own, there are others and you knows who you are. But this did make me laugh, thank you.

lastly, why do you girls wear high heels if it hurts. Wear flats they look very nice and probably don’t hurt you feel. I’m talking to to Colleen because you said “Colleen’s AIM (11:32:08 PM): better mention me in it or else >:-o” Happy little lady you made it in the blog, haha.

Well that copy and paste made my font change and I’m too lazy to change it.

O one more thank, everyone start listening to there christmas/ holiday day music whatever you celebrate. YAY! I want to snowboard sooooo bad.

Another day another blog…. I guess

Hmmm, second day in a row I blogged. I can maybe get use to this. First off I’ll anounce that I know have an Amazon account, because I did not want to way to get a cd. And Amazon as this nice thing were you get buy mp3s…… Can everyone say oooooooooo ahhhhhhhhh. Yeah technology is pretty cool. Saying that maybe me feel old.

Walk up with my cell phone beating, I had a text that I got at 4am, I was wondering what that beeping was all night and morning. I just didn’t care to find out. Also about this texting while on the top, I got two Picture text messages today. Thats kind of cool I got texts today :-). One was a nice nice picture of smiling faces, and the other one let say this person was stalking my car haha. You car stalker know who you are! Haha.

Practice quite a bit today it was kind of fun. did my recording assignment for Matt, and had a sectional. Where a few of us learn the meaning of being a trombone player. Yep sitting there looking off into space drooling a little going/saying “dahhhh hold one, where are we again?” Maybe one day I will get my head out of the clouds and listen to what people are saying a little more closely. Also in the FAB aka the fine arts building theres a nice loudge and I took a nap. Good no one walked by because I was on the futon snuggling with my trombone. Did that for about 45-60mins, probably closer to 45mins. I have a feeling I will be practicing my horn a lot more now, because it felt really good to practice a lot.

What else today?

Still need to fold my clean clothes, their just there in a pill. Hmmmm I’ll do it in the morning if I wake up early.

Still want to watch “Jurrasic Park.”

O yeah for lunch/breakfast or brunch, I felt bad i accidently took someone else omlete. I thought it was mine until I took a bite, and found no ham or peppers. Sorry to who ever I stole from. 😦

Should be going to bed maybe…… or maybe I should go party. Thats for me to know and for you to not know unless your at the party I go to. That is if i go to one.

Long time no BLOG

Hello everyone who reads my blog, what is that maybe two people including myself. I know I know I haven’t blog in a while, and no I have not been going to the gym. Mission Macho Man last year wasa fail after a month strong. I tried to start going again this semester for but that only last about a week.

Enough about working out just typing about it make my sore and feel crap. What to type……………..hmmmmm…….. Well I guess I’ll start with today. I sawa black widow spider….. OOOOOO scary……. not really it was really cool. I went swing dancing tonight, wicked fun, every one should go to dances. Just like music there is a dance for everyone out there. The dance was at Univeristy of Mary Washington, nice campus they got. It seem very calm and peaceful, I like that. While at this dance there wasa bone player so I asked her if i could playa tune and she let me use her horn. I know all yuo are asking right now aren’t you scared of swine flu? Haha I laugh at the flu, and bring it on. If i get the swine everyone shoudl laugh at me.

On the drive home I saw a shooting star or was it a UFO? Well I’ll say it’s a shooting star so I can make a wish, and will I tell you what I wished for? NO, then it wont come true.

This week especially I sat outside a lot more just watching people walk around from class. I don’t know why this week but it really nice to do and relaxing. If you see me sitting outside, join me it’s fun.

I had the sudden urge to watch “Jurassic Park” anyone have it or want to watch it when or if I get it?

Having some brain farts, I miss home a little. Mainly the snow and cold and everything/everyone. I should havea pre-little work out before every time I practice. Like do 100 push ups or something. Or maybe after I eat i do something like that. hmmmmmm

Good enough right now for a blog, can’t really think anymore.