Happy New Year!

Hey hey hey everyone,

Long tIme no blog, but two of my friends were reading some of my bLogs yesterday, or should I two of my friends were reading my blog last year, at lunch. I feel I shOuld post something or eVen start blogging again for no rEason. Haha.

First off I must say I love being home and away from school. Much Cleaner air to breath, and I love being cOld. The trees are probably the thing I miss the most. But other than that it is just overaLl good to be home, and to make it even better I will be going up to the mountains with a bunch of friends to hang, reLax, eat, board, and just plain have fun.

This blog is going to be a bunch of random things and thoughts I think because I don’t have a purpose for this blog I am posting now.

What did I do on New Year Eve? I got fried ice cream, went to a friEnds house and hung with his family and played board games and watched TV. It was relaxing and nice to just sit therE and not worry about drunk people all around if I were to go out and try to have fun with others. A nice quiet night. No one to have a New years kiss with but hey, I have a full year for that. No rush right.

O boy I am just sooo excited for next week. Besides my music I love snowboarding. Those who know me know my board Kelly and I love her a lot. Even though she is a naked lady she is decent, nothing is showing. So all you haters, stop hating on Kelly.

Got fitted for a new tux yesterday. Woooooo

Sitting here in my room listing to Daft Punk.

Tomorrow I have no idea what I am going to do.

I got nothing to type I am horrible at just making up crap on the spot. Hmmmmmmm. Any suggestions on fun dance music that people like? I need to make my popular music selection larger. I have a lot of trombone and world music stuff in my music library but I need popular stuff. Suggestions would be great.

Also how about suggestions in food I should try?

Well Happy New Year every one!