Ireland Studies: post 9

What a great weekend,

Went to the Cliffs of Moher, which if none of you know was actually in the Harry Potter films.  They are huge cliffs at the coast. Best part was getting on your stomach and crawling your way to the edge of the cliff to look below to the crashing water below.  I went with a group of people, I would say there was about 20 of us from the program who went the cliffs.  Got to meet a lot of new people studying in Galway, which is always great. A few people where scared to look over the edge.  Maybe another day. We also had a walking tour of the Burren where our tour guy was wicked funny and at the end his wife and mother had homemade pies waiting for us.  My very first carrot cake in Ireland. MMMMmmmmm

Sunday the group that didn’t go to Dingle this weekend went to the Aran Island, where we go to bike around and see an old fort.  The bike ride was great only about 6miles of biking the whole time we were there.  While on the bike ride I met a nice donkey, walked right over, where I just rubbed his nose and relaxed from the bike riding.  When we go to the bottom of the fort we had lunch, where I had tomato soup, brown bread, and yet again carrot cake 🙂  Our tour guide to the fort had a boxer dog who just wonder around, really nice dog.  The whole way up I had to help Mary up, this is the older lady and is so funny.  The fort was a sight to see, and a wonder how people so long ago could have built something like this.  Again there was cliff where we could look over the edge and yet another wicked experience.  Both to and from the Island we took a ferry where Mary and I danced on the top deck and just had a grand time.

There was too much to type and explain, but all I can say is come to Ireland and see it for yourself.  When we got back on Sunday a few of us got together to study for exams which is this Tuesday.  Good to study, I have hear so many people say they haven’t done any work/reading yet.  Good luck to them.  Even though you need a 70 to higher to get an A, they don;t understand that these professors will be grading wicked hard  if an 70 is an A.

Happy fourth of July everyone!!!!!


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