Ireland Studies: Post 11

Today was the day of our first assessments, and it was too bad.  Surprisingly I more comfortable with my archaeology exam than my music and dance one.  The exam setting was ehhh, we are all in one big room and we had one and half hours to take the first exam, and if we finished early we could start the next one or leave.  So, you had to sit there, but the second one after you finished you where aloud to leave.

After the assessments, I want home and took a short nap, then went over a friends place and made dinner.  We made some pasta with a onion, carrot, and meat sauce.  It was good, then after we all just hung out for a while and relaxed.  After I wanted to hear a session so I went into town and went to Taaffes first.  Was only there for a little while then I left and hit up the Spanish Arc, where the session was much better.  Probably the most mainstream traditional session  I have heard, way more contemporary sounding.  I like this feature on the camera where you can video tape so again I videoed a little part of the session.

I received an email from Ben March today, asking how I was and how the bodhran is.  It’s nice to get an email from the maker of the instrument asking how his drum is doing.  I just found out the bodhran player that was in Flook, John Joe Kelly, just purchased a drum from Ben.  🙂


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