Ireland Studies: Post 12

Today I had two potato dishes, for lunch and dinner.  Other than that and class and of course the session I went and saw, I did not do much.  I only had one class and I was done by noon.  So after that I went into town, and went hat hunting.  It was a success, I am happy.

I went to a session tonight to the Kings Head, my homestay father likes that place.  But this was a good session for there were two dancers.  The accordion player had to play the bodhran for one tune because the bodhran player had to go pee, but I must say he was wicked good at the drum. I have a picture of the two dancers, they danced this set with brooms which was fun to watch.  I was also lucky to get a video of them dancing in. 

I wont be posting anything for the next few days because I will be in Dingle for the weekend, and I am not bringing my computer.  From what I hear there is a good music scene down there.  I will take a lot of picture and i will post some on this blog and ill be posting all of them on my facebook.  So, if you want to check them out I would wait and check on Monday night or Tuesday morning.



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