Ireland Studies: Post 13

I am back from a fantastic weekend in Dingle.  It was a long bus right, but not too bad.  On the way there we stopped a a little park where they had older houses and a castle.  Nice little tourist spot.  We arrived in Dingle around 6ish, I think.  So of course when I got there I went pub session looking and Sam came to Dingle with us, and he talked about this one place.  His direction skills are that good, he seems to get his lefts and rights mixed, but we eventually found it.  The first night I saw a session with a button accordion and guitar player.  One thing about this group was the guitar player was by far the best guitar player I have seen, here that is.  He got so into it and his style was very unique, almost like a bodhran rhythmic style.  Percussive and he would walk a bass line while playing chords at the same time,  hard to explain but i have yet to hear it before.  One thing I did not like about the night, well one of many things, was the bodhran player I met in Galway who was traveling around “learning” the drum, and trying to sit into session was there.  Again I wanted to take his drum.

On a side note, the younger kids here are crazy and don’t know how to be responsible.  After the session the pub kind of turned into a young persons night club with wicked loud music in the back, but good thing I was in the front where they would play trad music on the speakers, so it almost drowned out the loud music in the back.  lets say a lot of people got sick that night because of pure stupidity.  Can’t let those people bring me down, I still enjoyed my night.

The next day we went on on a trip around areas around Dingle, it was Beautiful.  I was talking to Mary and we said this would be the place to live.  This is no lie, the places outside of Dingle are sooo nice and peaceful, if I could I would I would just sit on the fields or the side of a cliff and just think and listen to the sounds around you.  If you are alone and there no one around you you hear the grass blowing in the breeze with the sounds of live stalk all around you, like sheep and cows.  Ireland: the land of cows and sheep.  The day was a little long, and a lot of people where feeling the the tireness kicking in at the end of the day.  We got back to Dingle around 4:30, so yet again I walked around for a bit and I got some cologne, I haven’t had some for some time.  It smells like old man, and it has a spicy-ness to it.  Add to my old man look with that.  After the little walking around I went back to the place to take a nap.  Apparently a lot of people have me sleeping, from what I have been told.  I have a signature sleeping form.  All you have to do is have a pillow put your arms around it, like you’re hugging it and fall asleep.  Thank you for all those who took picture of me sleeping, and I enjoy the comments that I have a peaceful nature when sleeping.

After the probably 2 hour nap on the couch in the lobby, I went to the sessions and this night it was a guitar player and a fiddle player who also played flute and whistle.  Great session for many reasons.  One reason being there was a young girl whose grandfather asked the musicians if she could dance to a few sets.  She did so, she was 13 and had been dancing for 8 years.  As a comment from and earlier blog,  Sara wanted to talk about sean nos and the more recent style of Irish dancing.  This younger girl did not dance sean nos,  I was talking with her and her grandfather, and watch out Sara she is young and a fears dancer.  She has a good chance of a life of dancing in her future.  To the end of the session some girl ask if she could play the fiddle and she did for a few sets, was a great part of the session having three musicians playing.

At the place we stayed at the owners had a dog, a boxer, and her name was Bella.  The sweetest dog ever.  She would great you in the morning for breakfast, just watching at the door of the dinning area.  I spent many moments just sitting with her and petting her, and on occasions getting a kiss from her 🙂 This is one thing I miss about Dingle is Bella and her cute face and nice nature, very relax.  She must love all the attentions. 

I am back in Galway and  I am done with class for the day.  Tonight I have plans to see some dancing a place in town.  I met the owners last week and they said they would save a few seats for me near the band to watch some Irish dancing.  Sara I will tell you how the dance,  it probably isn’t sean nos dancing because sean nos is only danced ina few towns in Ireland any more.

One last night, people have been asking what my hat looks like, state wise.  Here is a picture a friend of mine took.  This was not staged, I did not know they where taking this.  I was just waiting at the wall to help Mary get over and anyone else who may have needed it.


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