Ireland Studies: Post 14


It has been almost a week since my last post.  So I will start from the most recent and try to work my way back.  Last night was a one of the best nights, reason being I got to play in a session at one of my favorite trad pubs,  Tig Coilis.  Two of the musicians i have met before, the fiddle player Kevin, and the button accordion player Brennan.  They were both very nice, also in session was a very good guitar player, his name I do nor remember.  Also were two girls from the states who just arrive from some trad camp/festival.  Playing in a session is always the best, especially when the people say good things to you, and encourage you too play.  All the scream and cheering just adds to the energy.  

I was going to go to Doolin this weekend by the schedule for the buses on the website were not correct and I left me upset and not going because the time the bus was “actually” scheduled would have not given me enough time to see and experience Doolin.  Next time I’m in Ireland I will spend sometime in Doolin and enjoy every minute of it.

There are so many people here now in Galway for the Arts Festival that’s this week.

Reason for me not posting so much, is that I haven’t done much over this week.  This week we had majors essays due, so I was working on those two essays for most of the week.  This week I did not get to go out much and I feel this week was the week of the least amount of sessions I have seen.  Very sad I know, good thing I got to [play in one.  Made the wait much worth it.

Ben March, the bodhran maker I got my Bodhran from, are now friends on facebook.  He has been checking in on me and it is very nice of him to check how I am doing and how the drum is doing.  He gave me some names to check out when I am back home about a possible lesson, so when I get home I will call them up.

This week in music and dance class we had a session showcase, informing us about the pub sessions and some of the instruments we may find in on.  I quickly put together a video of that and also Last Monday I went to a pub that has traditional dancing and the dancers were ex-riverdancers.  That was exciting to see.

I am on my last week of Ireland-ness.  Very sad.



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