Shark week 2011

Hello everyone,

I am not in Ireland any more, and I am home.  This past week was SHARK WEEK, one of the weeks I look most forward to.  But this year I must say was a total let down.  Lets just say it wasn’t my cup of tea, because I heard some people like what they were seeing this year. 

This year not only was there a lot of shows about great whites and the occasional bull shark, but also a mini movie/reenactment of a story about a large number of shark attacks in a month.  This mini movie was called “Month of the Shark.” I don’t know how many years I have watched shark week but I have never seen so many shows during shark week all about the same thing.  One other thing that really annoyed me was that that showed repeats during the 9-11pm new show slot of past shark week shows.  That is shark week mostly 9-11pm, don’t show repeats.  They also showed a show that had nothing to do with sharks during the time slot.

The thing I like the most about shark week is probably the science part of shark week.  Learning about sharks, and not just about great whites please. One show I did like this shark week was this documentary about these two brother lemon sharks  on the search for food.  It reminded me about I say in high school on new years about the migration of birds.  One good memory I remember from my high school days.  Haha new years sitting on the couch for 2hours watching all kinds of birds playing/migrating.  No sound at all, just HD video, the beginning of HD TV at that time.  It was great.

Shark week I hope you do better next year.  Haha, I love shark week.