day 21-25, I think?

Day 21-25, I’m very sorry I have not wrote a blog in a few days. I have been going everyday, but I am only doing cardio this weekend, because the weight part is getting really boring, so I’m going to give me self a week away from them. I added 15mins. to 20mins. on the bike for cardio. I thought the treadmill is bad, crap, that bike kills my leg muscles. So cardio week at the gym, going to a sweaty one.

Reason why I keep going to the gym is the TV, it is like the only time I get to watch TV. Sometimes there crappy shows on, but the times I go they’re usually good. The other day when I got off the bike I turned around to get a wipe towel to get my sweat off the bike a girl looked straight at me and smiled. I wasa little confused, so all I said was smile and wink. I wink a lot, not to be creepy, it’s just my saying hello, because I’m too lazy to raise a hand and wave or too lazy to open my mouth and say the 5 letter word. I also played some basketball today, I stink!

I found someone who has just as sweaty pits as I do, or even worse. My philosophy and literature professor. My pits are always sweating, and he sweated through his sports coat, wow! That is amazing.

Scrubs day has now changed to Wednesdays now, because Scrubs is now on this day.

I finally got my code to the radio practice room, so now I can get to work on my shows. I just need to make one now. Eeeek, everyone’s music I am still excepting. I also can wait to look through their music collection and maybe take some stuff for my laptop.
Days 21-25—SUCCESS!


Day 19 and daY 20

Day 19 and 20, I will start off I did not go to the gym on day 19. I have a reason, I did not sleep the night before, and after class I talked with a friend from home, Colleen, and told her to call me at 945pm so I would go to the gym. I got the phone call and a text from her, but I slept through it. Didn’t get it till I woke up at 130ish am. That was too late to go to the gym, so I went back to bed. Day 20 I went to the gym though. I got smarter today at the gym, I watched Jeopardy.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day for those who don’t know and here are a few picture to show me.

KromerGorillas - 20050804 - Gorilla Sitting - Philip Kromer (315alone-man

Both these pictures show me as alone, yes I’m still alone for Valentine’s day and I’m fine with that.








Here is the next set of pictures.











All of these picture show my sadness for being alone on this loving day. HAHA!!! Not, I’m not sad because I’m alone, just wanted to see the reaction of those who will believe this.



Next I want to talk about, you guys out there that buy flowers for the miss in your life. A red rose, which means I love you. Hmmm you guys can do better than that. Find a flower that ahs the special meaning, it may not be the most pretty but a rose is over used way too much. Maybe some forget-me-nots. Which mean faithful love, memories.


Or how about primrose which mean, I cannot love without you.primrose-i-cannot-live-without-you1







If you are truely courage get her some Spearmint, which means warmth and sentimental.spearmint-warmth-and-sentimental


Just put some thoughr into it guys, have some meaning to what you do. I think girls find it cute when there isa hidden message in a gift. Take my word or not, I an a 20 year always been single guys who never been ona date in his life. I can only know so much about love.

Haha my roommate just walked in and gave me a heart shaped balloon.


DAY 19- first failure, DAY 20- SUCCESS!!!

Everyone have a great Valentines’s day

Day 17 and 18

Day 17 and 18, were okay. I have come to the conclusion I hate going to the gym, haha. I hate nothing more than actually do work. I am one of those lazy people who doesn’t want to move too much because it’s too much work. I don’t know how people say they feel better after they run or go to the gym. I just feel like a pile of crap. If any of you have an answer to this feel free. I might talk about this in my deejay practice tomorrow, I don’t know. Mao came again to the gym and I learned how to say more letters in Chinese. Man this is getting hard.

Today day 18 I walked into my room and saw Mao on the phone, and immediately I knew it was. It little girlie friend, not a girlfriend he says. Sure it isn’t Mao. Mao is looking for a girl to spend Valentine’s Day with, anyone out there?

Yeah tomorrow is my first time doing a practice show as a deejay. Hope I don’t screw up too much. I would like to have a question for everyone, and I would read a few on the radio. Relating to this weird weather we have been having here, cold one day hot the next. My question tomorrow I might want some to answer is, “if you had power to control the weather, what kind of weather would you have on a giving day?” e-mail me you answer of leave a comment.

Chipotle and the gym don’t work well with one another, ugggg. The toilet is my best friend now.

Day 17 and 18- SUCCESS, but I still hate it.

P.S. I have not failed my new years resolution yet, and no that’s not going to the gym, but I gave up Taco Bell. I have not gone yet. Woot! Also, I still don’t have Valentine yet. 😦

dAy 16

Day 16, Mao came again today. This time he left a note to call him when I’m going. I did, and he taught me some more Chinese pinyin. It starting to get hard to remember what is what. Did my cardio weight cardio workout today. Sweaty sweaty sweaty. My muscles where a little sore after this one today. Must have worked a little harder today. I watch “Futurama” on the TV today. Jennifer and Allen came into the gym today. It makes me smile/laugh when I see music majors at the gym. We just don’t fit in at the gym.

Today went better than I thought, theory wasn’t as bad. Actually it was fun today, took and exam then got into groups and talking about out piece we picked. I felt smart because I had all the work to show. Had my lesson with Harry Watters today. He said he hears some improvement and I’ll take, sounds good to me. I guess those late night practices helped off, but hurt my sleeping pattern.

Tomorrow is wear scrubs day, in honor of the show “Scrubs.” Great show, everyone should watch it.


P.S. Valentine’s day is coming up, I’m all alone right now. You know what I mean. Looking for my first valentine ever….. maybe. Who needs one? Lastly, happy scrubs day!

daY 15- short

Day 15, cardio day in the gym. The 15mins on the treadmill went very well I kicked up the speed, and I sweat more. Not much went on in the gym today. Red head girl aka Sarah came in while I was leaving. “Beer Fest” was on TV. Didn’t get to watch the whole thing. I will have to watch it later sometime. And write a review, woot woot.

Today was lesson night with Matt Neff. Its funny Matt made the audition for the Navy Commodores Big Band, and Harry Watters is auditioning for the Army Ceremonial Band. A classical guy switching over to jazz and a jazzer switching over to classical. I wonder how this will affect my PMI with them?

This is a short blog today, remember keep sending you music. Matt suggested I do a whole brass or instrument show, while deejaying. I don’t think that’s a bad idea maybe I’ll do that


day 14 = 2 weeks stronger

Day 14, today is a cardio and weight day. No Mao today, all alone, what a sad day, haha. After doing my 30mins of “light” weights, it was time for my enemy…………….THE TREADMILL!!!! RAWR!!!! Wasn’t that bad today really today. I’m working up to 30mins. I’m starting at 15mins. and today it wasn’t terrible hard. I was really sweaty after, and my dang man boobs still bounce all over the place. One day will have a nice chest, with minimal bouncing. Still need some bounce, if there is none that might not be good. If you have any reasons why there should be no bouncing try to convince me. Good luck.

Hmmm what did I watch on the TV at the gym? Oooo yes, I watched MTV, eeeeek. That’s a first for me, listening to actual “popular” music. It wasn’t all bad, just music I wouldn’t listen to all the time.

Speaking of music, to remind you all, e-mail or IM you favorite music or CD files to me for the radio deejay thing I’m doing. Need to stalk up on music people want to hear on the radio. Any genre is good, I am not the picky one the audience it haha. I’ll day take anything from Frank Sinatra, to Nine Inch Nails, to so off rhythmic African beat. Go crazy guys and look through your music libraries. My e-mail is

I still need to find a good deejay name, help please. This Sunday is the first deejay meeting I’ll be going to. Should be fun. It’s cool the radio station get music that isn’t even released yet. I’ll upload music that I find that’s cool, to share if I find some. Don’t tell anyone that might be illegal.


DaY 13

Day 13, Mao came to the gym today too. We taught me some Pinyin, which is the alphabet, and how to same them. He wants to start going to the gym too, and at the same time teach me some Chinese too. As I did weights last night I did cardio today. The treadmill kills me, the last minute was the longest minute every. And after the working out it was the first time I heard my heart beating in my head. It hurt my ears. “Psych” was on TV again, I really enjoy that show.

Today was a good day had lab band, which I played French horn in. also, first day of radio deejay training. Varying exciting, I was shown the basics, and I pick a time slot to do practice deejaying. This is when I record and hour show of myself. Act like I’m actually doing a live show. After hand the tape in and the trainers check it and give you advice on how to improve. They are mainly checking for transitions form the tunes to talking and commercials. Also on how we talk, and if we are saying appropriate things for the radio.

This is where I need everyone’s help, send me your favorite tune to me to my e-mail or over IM. E-mail is . I will try to use everyone’s tune in my show, or at least my practice shows. I would like to be a deejay for the people and by the people.

I also need to find a deejay name, help me.

Day 13- SUCCESS!