When Harry Met Sally


“When Harry Met Sally” is the movie I will be talking about tonight. This is a romantic/ comedy. I did not pick this movie the lady at Barns and Nobles did. This film stars Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan.  It starts off with these two stranger going back home from college, and it’s a long way home. So, on their way home they get to know one another and see each other’s philosophies of relationships and friendship.

From what Billy Crystal’s character says, guys cannot have friends’ that’s a girl because sex will always get in the way of have a friendship with women. Even if she is not pretty, they still want to have sex with them. Both characters go their own way, but a few years later they meet up again and they both have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, but that does not last long they both find out they have been cheated on. Blah blah blah. They girl who Meg Ryan still hates Billy’s character from what he said on how guys can’t be friends with girls. They keep running into one another, and that start talking.

They become friends, but do they have sex like what Billy said? Is his philosophy of guys and girls being friends right. Does everyone live happily ever after?

This was a great movie even though it kept me up all night and I’m tired as heck. For you girls out there, I think you might like this movie. It makes you think do guys really think like that, and is this true about being friends with me? Girls will start thinking about CHANGING, and not have guys as friends if they believe this true that all guy friends want to sleep with them. I’m not going to say you girls have to find this out on your own.

To me this a BUY, it’s a good to have something a little different on the shelf. Make you sit and re-think if this movie could be true. Hehe.


Shanghai Noon


Today I watch “Shanghai Noon” starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. In this action/comedy. Princess Pei-Pei, of the Forbidden Kingdom in China, has been kidnapped, and three of the imperial guards are sent to bring her back. Jackie Chan character tags along to help them out. While on a train the United States, Chan’s uncle is shot. He looks to see who did this and get revenge. While doing this he meets up with Wilson who is the leader of outlaws who shot his uncle. A little kung fu action goes on the train, awesome. Later Wilson’s character is kicked off the outlaws group by the new guy on the team who takes over. 

A few scenes later Chan and Wilson meet up and join forces, Chan after to save the princess and Wilson after the gold he heard they are paying to save the princess. While teamed up they become bandits and people are after them. One, is a psycho-killer sheriff. Through a lot of fighting and comical scene it comes to the end where it becomes a big show down for the princess and the gold.

Does Chan save the princess, and does Wilson get his gold? Well I wont say, but through-out the movie a friendship is made, how happy.

To me any movie Jackie Chan is in, is a great movie, and usually funny. Hey, I’m also a guy I love some good old kung fu action scenes. And a laugh here and there is good. Speaking of laughs, there are outtakes at the end. Seems like and ever Chan movie there are some at the end. I LOVE THEM!

This would be a buy on my list. My reason is it’s a good family/ everyone film. They have comedy, action, romance for those soft hearted people. Remember these are my opinions everyone has different taste.

Jackie Chan is “the man.”

Be Kind Rewind


Today we will look at the movie “Be Kind Rewind” I will start out I would consider this a comedy/drama-ish film. Starring Jack Black, Mos Def, Danny, and Mia Farrow. This film came out 2008 so it is fairly resent.

The main plot of the film was about this VHS store, which needs to raise enough money for repairs before it is demolished to build a new apartments and shops. The owner of the shop goes on a retreat in honor of a famous jazz pianos who lived in the vary place the VHS store is at. While he is gone he leaves the shop under watch a close friend of his and he tells him not to let the character Jack Black in, because he will mess everything up. One night will the owner is gone Jack Black asked his friend, who is watching over the shop, to help me to destroy the power lines because they’re taking over their brains and controlling them. His friend back out at the last moment, but Jack Black is left behind and some freak accident get shocked with a lot of electricity, making him magnetized. He then goes to the store the next day which he is not allowed into and accidently by touching the tapes erases all the video on them.

This becomes a big problem because they get rent the videos out because there all blank now these two guys have to find a way to raise money to keep the shop open and not get it destroyed. They start taking all the films in the shop and recreating them all by themselves. Soon this becomes a whole town event.

Do they get the money to keep the shop up? I will not say.

To me this is a rent film. I feel the actors/actresses in this film were very good. I was skeptical of Jack Black in the film but by then end you feel it was a good choice. So it’s a rent on my say.

X-Men: The Last Stand


I feel my blog needs more than me just me whining about my sweat and my sore body, even though it’s not very sore this morning. I would like to start maybe writing reviews about movies I see, ones that are in the theater and ones that are out in store.

This early morning I watch “X-Men-The Last Stand” or which might be easier to know by the third “X-Men” film that is out. The main plot of this film is that a pharmaceutical company called Worthington Labs has found a cure that will suppress the X gene in mutants that give them their powers. Some mutants love it but for those who do not like this are outraged. One of these mutants is Magneto. He forms a mutant army to stop the scientists that are making this cure.

On their pursuit top stop and kill anyone that is trying to get this cure out the X-Men show up to stop all this fighting. Well out numbered the X-Men being only six against a lot more, haha, is; Wolverine, Storm, Beat, Iceman, Kitty Pryde, and Colossus.  They try to stop Magneto’s army.

This is a mutant on mutant action movie, if you like that. A lot of the main characters die in this film, I will not say who. For those who follow the comics or the show, it doesn’t follow it that well. Yet again, what comic book based movie does, they just try to jam so much stuff in them. I’m not saying this was a bad movie because it’s based off a comic book. I really enjoyed it.

They definitely set this movie up for another movie, which I know there’s another one coming out soon. Watch the movie in its entirety, even the credits, there is a little scene after the credits which I’m sure many of you who watch the film are going to have a deep breath of relief. I have not seen much, but what I have read it going to be about the younger X-Men. I would like to see how they tie this in with the other films.

Now this is how I will rate movies; don’t bother seeing, rent, or buy. This all based off of my movie taste, so don’t take my word on it.

I say this would be a rent, but if you love the series buy it I guess. I usually watch all my film off the internet so I find it not worth buying. I just didn’t have a life changing experience to go out and buy it or a gift card at a store which I could use.

One question if you were a mutant what power would you have, or like to have? I would say I would love time control, speed time, slow time, and walk through time itself. I think that would be SWEEEET!